Deister Holding and Juhler Holding - impact on dividends from Germany

On 20 December 2017, the CJE gave its decision in the joined cases (Case C-504/16, C-613/16) Deister Holding and Juhler Holding concerning the compatibility of the Germany “look through approach” in case of insufficient substance as clarified in Sec. 50d para. 3 German Income Tax Act, with the Parent-Subsidiary Directive (“PSD”) and freedom of establishment. This case is interesting for most Netherlands groups operating in Germany that have received dividends from Germany, which in most cases start with questionnaires about the relevant Netherlands substance at the level of the company receiving the German dividend.

04 Feb. '18 Gert-Jan Hop

Juhler Holding

Juhler Holding is a holding company with its registered office in Denmark. Juhler Services Limited, a company incorporated under Cypriot law, holds 100% of the capital in Juhler Holding. Juhler Services Limited’s sole shareholder is an individual resident in Singapore. Juhler Holding has holdings in more than 25 subsidiaries. The group in question supplies personnel procurement services to the extent of a third of the volume of such services in Denmark. Since 2003, Juhler Holding has held 100% of the capital in temp-team Personal GmbH, a company established in Germany.

Juhler Holding has, in addition, a property portfolio, exercises financial control within the group so as to optimise the group’s interest costs, is responsible for supervising and monitoring the performance of the individual subsidiaries and has a phone line and an email address. Juhler Holding is listed as a contact partner on the group’s homepage. Juhler Holding does not, however, have its own offices. If necessary, it uses the premises, as well as the other facilities and staff, of other companies within the group. Lastly, Juhler Holding’s chief executive is also on the boards of various companies in the group.

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