About Yoran Noij

Yoran Noij is a tax adviser. He specializes in the field of international tax law with a particular focus on BEPS Actionplan 15 and the (June 7, 2017) signing of the multilateral instrument (MLI). The MLI will modify a large number of existing bilateral tax treaties by including anti-tax avoidance measures developed in the BEPS project. The MLI is not expected to become effective on a large scale until 2019. We expect however that the MLI will impact the international tax community. Yoran is a dedicated foreground analyst itemizing the various changes that the MLI will bring.

Yoran is co-author of a number of papers and news items for the firm's website. In this respect he is working on a paper elaborating on bilateral tax treaties following ratification of the MLI and expiration of the MLI waiting periods. Yoran has finalized his bachelor’s degree on Tax & Economics at the HAN University of Applied Sciences. He is currently proceeding his educational career at Tilburg University studying for a Masters degree Tax law. Within the firm Yoran co-chairs the weekly knowledge meetings and is in charge of harvesting the necessary information. Yoran has been involved with the firm since the end of 2016.


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