About Nedelina Vasilkova

After completing her degree in engineering and after working as programmer for a couple of years Nedelina studied law and completed a master’s degree in Tax law. Already during her studies her interest has been drawn to corporate tax law. She specializes in the field of international tax law with a focus on preferential IP regimes and transfer pricing. Currently she is working on a series of papers / blog addressing the tax challenges of the digital economy.

Nedelina graduated in Tax Law from Radboud University in 2017 and is a candidate member of the Dutch Association of Tax Advisers (NOB). She is a dedicated adviser and researcher. In this respect she will assist in writing a number of papers / blogs. Nedelina is also responsible for reviewing large amounts of data and analysing the information using a variety of software tools and methodologies (i.e. transfer pricing). Nedelina also provides content for the web pages, blogs, policy briefs etc. Nedelina has been involved with the firm since the beginning of 2018.

Recent Publications