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We have a dedicated team of experienced tax experts who are able to support and advice you in the field of corporate taxation. We work in close cooperation with our clients to advice on the best approach for your business. Please find an overview of our team below.

Anneke Francissen - Noviotax Nijmegen
Anneke Francissen

Anneke Francissen is a tax adviser and member of the Dutch A... Read more..

Patrick T.F. Schrievers - Noviotax Nijmegen
Patrick T.F. Schrievers

Patrick T.F. Schrievers is a tax lawyer and member of the Du... Read more..

Gert-Jan Hop - Noviotax Nijmegen
Gert-Jan Hop

Gert-Jan Hop is a tax lawyer with over twelve years of exper... Read more..

Marnix Bekkenutte - Noviotax Nijmegen
Marnix Bekkenutte

Marnix is an associate and is currently studying at Tilburg... Read more..

Yoran Noij - Noviotax Nijmegen
Yoran Noij

Yoran is an associate and applicant member of the Dutch Asso... Read more..

Nedelina Vasilkova - Noviotax Nijmegen
Nedelina Vasilkova

Nedelina Vasilkova is a research associate and applicant mem... Read more..

Anthonie Knobbout - Noviotax Nijmegen
Anthonie Knobbout

Anthonie Knobbout is an associate Read more..

Frank Janssen - Noviotax Nijmegen
Frank Janssen

Frank Janssen is an associate Read more..

Lara Manraad - Noviotax Nijmegen
Lara Manraad

Lara is working as an associate at NovioTax Read more..

Dewald Claassen - Noviotax Nijmegen
Dewald Claassen

Dewald Claassen is an associate at NovioTax Read more..

Neha Mohan - Noviotax Nijmegen
Neha Mohan

Neha Mohan is a Tax Adviser at NovioTax. Read more..

Please feel free to exchange ideas with us on your tax position and/or that of your company.

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