About us

NovioTax is a Dutch research-based tax consultancy firm. Quality, service, and accessibility are the core values of our firm. We provide tax advisory services which are client centric and focused on mitigating tax risk and minimising cost. Our employees have many years of experience and provide services in the field of corporate tax, international tax and transfer pricing. At NovioTax, our employees use their experience and in-depth knowledge to provide clients with a transparent, high quality, and accessible service. Our clients’ interests always come first. Therefore, we make it our priority to listen to our clients and first determine if and how we can be of benefit. We want to provide added value at a fair price. Consequently, we prefer to work for a fixed fee agreed in advance.

Our approach

We strongly believe in constant knowledge expansion. We therefore research, write, and publish in-depth articles regularly, often based on topics of advice that are relevant for our clients. We also believe in sharing our knowledge and the experience we have gained during day to day practice. Our firm is non-hierarchal and democratically managed, whereby research and knowledge to the benefit of our clients are leading.

We invest

We invest in you as a client. We brainstorm with you as an entrepreneur or investor. We are more than happy to share and provide access to our extensive national and international network. We are driven by the strong belief that we can best match our services to your needs once we get to know you, your business, and the market better.

Our services

We have many years of experience in advising companies or private individuals on their tax position in the field of corporate tax, withholding taxes, international tax and transfer pricing. We have also a focus on advising funds and private individuals investing in real estate in the Netherlands or abroad. We have a large network of foreign tax advisors with whom we can cooperate.

Corporate Taxation

We are specialized to advise companies in the field of corporate taxation (i.e. corporate income tax, participation exemption, fiscal unity, etc.). This also comprises advise on tax treaty applicability, withhholding taxes on dividends, interest and royalties and non-resident taxation.

Preferential IP regime

We have many years of experience in the field of advice on sound IP structuring that withstands the rapidly changing tests of time in relation to base erosion and profit shifting and the ongoing international debate on tax planning. We believe that in this day and age advice needs to take into account the tax landscape in the near future and the economic reality becomes more and more leading as opposed to legal structuring.

Real Estate

Our specialists are able to provide an excellent service in the field of real estate. We are able to advise on tax aspects when setting up real estate structures / funds. We are also able to service you as an investor to optimize your investment from a tax perspective.

Transfer Pricing

We are fully capable to advise you on applying fiscally-accepted transfer pricing within your company and compiling all the corresponding mandatory documentation, such as master and local files and country-by-country reporting. We provide the full range of transfer pricing services from the development of pragmatic policies, efficient documentation and benchmarking solutions through to advising on the effective implementation and ongoing monitoring of those policies and their defence in the face of tax authority challenge.

International Tax

We will be happy to advise you on bilateral investments, the application of European tax law and disputes relating to transfer pricing. We are well versed in international tax law and know how to act best from a Dutch tax perspective. We fluently speak English and German and can therefore act quickly and efficiently and communicate with the right people.